Including, but not limited to, animation, full-body and facial motion capture, and full stack character design and development.


Where I Wait ft. Dave Gahan

VFX, focusing on animation, and rendering. Collaborated with brother to animate his modified sculptures of several 3D-scanned vignettes.


Lizetta's Dance

Character design and development, animation, and rendering.

Unboxing Boxing

It’s Unboxing Boxing! You control who wins!

Posted by Super Deluxe on Friday, April 14, 2017

Super Deluxe (1/3)

"Golden Boy" character design, prop design, rigging, skinning, level design and cameraman during performance.


MYKKI BLANCO feat. JEAN DEAUX: "Loner" Music Video

  • Stage animations
  • Material design
  • Volumetric body capture
  • Motion capture


Charli XCX Part Animation

Small animation for Charli XCX playing at a music video awards show.